December 2, 2007




Wilson, NC

Primarily stalks:

ummm well I don't really stalk anybody. I don't think anyone stalks me, but if they do they are most likely bored.


Team Orenda
Team David
Team Cake Batter
Team Jenny
Team No Pulp
Team Toaster Strudel

More about Zane

Zane is known in most circles for having just the right combination of intelligence, superhuman strength, raw sexuality and take-no-crap attitude that sets him apart from all other human beings. He gets weary of the constant throngs of people who follow him everywhere he goes. He understands that the world needs a hero, but that mantle weighs heavily on his broad massive shoulders. He marvels at the tens of thousands of women who throw themselves at his feet and want to bear his children, and he is sad that he doesn't have time for all of them…..only 1,000 per day and that is all. Yet he presses on……

or perhaps that whole bio thing is one huge load of crap. The world may never know…..

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