Nikoline (originally with a lowercase n)

Joined date

May 19 2006




Trondheim, Norway (often referred to as "No'way" by other board members)

Primarily stalks

Leslie Feist
Jason Collett
Sarah Polley
Ryan Gosling


Team Maria
Team Jenny/Team Blake (an unbreakable tie)
Team Feist
Team Cookie Dough
Team Pulp
Team White Wine
Team David Sedaris
Team No Meat
Team No Eggs
Team No Peanut Butter
Team Diet Soda

Get to know Nikoline

Nikoline is a well-preserved and fully functioning human stored deep in the cold of Scandinavia. She can walk, talk excessively and explain through interpretive dance. Nikoline, also called 'Berni', 'Nekko' and 'Niko', has an extraordinary talent for appearing to be naive and/or dumb, and for special occasions also extremely provocative and sarcastic. Her arsenal consists of endless pop-cultural references, creative ideas and a vault full of facial paint if there's a nu rave party in the neighbourhood.

Nikoline is a fully trained Pokemon and will be a true companion on your journey. Her devotion to you much resembles the loyalty and affection Pikachu showcases for Ash Ketchum, and together you can ride into the Canadian sunset serenaded by the sweet voice of Leslie Feist.

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