May 18, 2006




San Francisco, CA

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Heather is an Early Childhood Education major at City College of San Francisco, who will eventually be an elementary school teacher. She currently works in an office, which she hates.
She also makes tunes. For the past two years, she's written and recorded on her own in her bedroom, but in recent months, she has begun work with fellow LIADer Gretchen on songs for the Secret Keys.
Heather enjoys dancing like a fool, hanging out in cemetaries, seeing live music, making lists and mixtapes, riding SFMUNI, sleeping, stalking, walking unnecessary distances in unreasonable shoes, writing, air-drumming (and eventually, actual drumming), ceramics, comparative religions, concept albums, conjoined twins, headphones, irony, sending and recieving packages, photography, quotes, rain, roller derby, songs about growing up, stand-up comedy, tambourines, drinking diet coke, occasionally smoking cigarettes, and living in San Francisco. She is a vegetarian who has multiple tattoos and piercings. There is very little music that she does not like, and likewise, very few people. She is also a boy-crazy motherfucker and proud of it.

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