Someone who knows more about the origin of the actual site should update this part because I got nothin'.

  • It was started in May of 2006 by Gracie after seeing Whispertown2000 open for Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins in Carrboro, NC. She and Erin set up the site and got it running and then mentioned it on RKnet and then a select group of lovely people joined. The developement of the online site occurred just as RKnet was undergoing changes which caused their forum to be disabled for a time. Several people from RKnet joined LIAD as a result of the RKnet forum downtime and they soon realized that LIAD was the place they wanted to stay.


The forum at was established on May 18th, 2006. While first established as a means to discuss Whispertown2000, it quickly became a way for a group of AMAZING people to chat about anything and everything. Occasionally Whispertown2000 still gets discussed.



One of the strongest common interests between members of LIAD is stalking. Every member has a person/band/celebrity that they primarily stalk. Though the stalking is at all times obsessive, extensive, and shameless, it is always 100% harmless, so there is no reason to fear.

Sorry Lion Records

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The first teams LIAD established were the now infamous Team Maria and Team Orenda. It has since developed into a LIAD phenomenon with teams for such random things as orange juice and toaster pastries.

See a full list of LIAD teams.

Collaborative Mixes

LIAD began making collaborative mixes in October of 2007. The idea is that one person is designated as a host and everyone sends that person a song on a central theme. That person makes a mix out of the songs and posts the mix. Then everyone tries to guess who sent what song. It hot.

See a full list of LIAD Collaborative Mixes.


Poobunny is a language/dialect of speech created by former Sorry Lion recording artist Taxidermy Recital (Miranda and Becca) How to speak Poobunny.

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